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STEREOTAXIS, INC. filed this Form 8-K on 03/06/2018
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(f)    This Warrant will be binding upon any entity succeeding to the Company by merger, consolidation or acquisition of all or substantially all of the Company’s assets.

Section 4.    Taxes. The Company hereby agrees that it shall pay any and all taxes that may be payable with respect to the issuance and delivery of Warrant Shares upon exercise of this Warrant.

Section 5.    Warrant Holder Not Deemed a Shareholder. No holder, as such, of this Warrant shall be deemed the holder of shares of the Company for any purpose (other than to the extent that the holder is deemed to be a beneficial holder of shares under applicable securities laws after taking into account the limitation set forth in the first paragraph of this Warrant), nor shall anything contained in this Warrant be construed to confer upon the holder hereof, as such, any of the rights of a shareholder of the Company, including any right to vote, give or withhold consent to any corporate action (whether any reorganization, issue of stock, reclassification of stock, consolidation, merger, conveyance or otherwise), prior to the Deemed Issuance Date of the Warrant Shares that the Holder is then entitled to receive upon the due exercise of this Warrant, except as otherwise provided herein. In addition, nothing contained in this Warrant shall be construed as imposing any liabilities on the Holder to purchase any securities or as a shareholder of the Company, whether such liabilities are asserted by the Company or by creditors of the Company. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Company will provide the Holder with copies of the same notices and other information given to the shareholders of the Company generally, contemporaneously with the giving thereof to the shareholders.

Section 6.    Representations of Holder. The Holder, by the acceptance hereof, represents that it is acquiring this Warrant, and upon exercise hereof (other than pursuant to a Cashless Exercise) will acquire the Warrant Shares, for its own account and not with a view towards, or for resale in connection with, the public sale or distribution of this Warrant or the Warrant Shares, except pursuant to sales registered or exempted under the Securities Act; provided, however, that by making the representations herein, the Holder does not agree to hold this Warrant or any of the Warrant Shares for any minimum or other specific term and reserves the right to dispose of this Warrant and the Warrant Shares at any time in accordance with or pursuant to a registration statement or an exemption under the Securities Act. The Holder further represents, by acceptance hereof, that, as of this date, the Holder is an “accredited investor” as such term is defined in Rule 501(a)(3) of Regulation D promulgated by the SEC under the Securities Act (an “Accredited Investor”). Each delivery of an Exercise Notice, other than in connection with a Cashless Exercise, shall constitute confirmation at such time by the Holder of the representations concerning the Warrant Shares set forth in the first two sentences of this Section 6, unless contemporaneous with the delivery of such Exercise Notice, the Holder notifies the Company in writing that it is not making such representations (a “Representation Notice”). If the Holder delivers a Representation Notice in connection with an exercise, it shall be a condition to the Holder’s exercise of this Warrant and the Company’s obligations set forth in Section 2 in connection with such exercise, that the Company receive such other representations as the Company considers reasonably necessary to assure the Company that the issuance of its securities upon exercise of this Warrant shall not violate any United States or state securities laws, and the time periods for the Company’s compliance with its obligations set forth in Section 2 shall be tolled until the Holder provides the Company with such other representations.

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