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STEREOTAXIS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 03/15/2019
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The rate of technological innovation of our products might not keep pace with the rest of the market.


The rate of innovation for the market in which our products compete is fast-paced and requires significant resources and innovation. If other products and technologies are developed that compete with, or may compete with, the Niobe, Odyssey and Vdrive systems, it could be difficult for us to maintain our advantages associated with being an early developer of this technology. In addition, connectivity with other devices in the electrophysiology lab is a key driver of value. If the Company is not able to continue to commit sufficient resources to ensure that its products are compatible with other products within the electrophysiology lab, this could have a negative impact on revenue.


General economic conditions could materially adversely impact us.


Our operating performance is dependent upon economic conditions in the United States and in other countries in which we operate. Uncertainty about current global economic conditions and future global economic conditions may cause customers to delay purchasing or installation decisions or cancel existing orders. The Niobe ES system, Odyssey Solution and Vdrive system are typically purchased as part of a larger overall capital project and an economic downturn or the lack of a robust recovery might make it more difficult for our customers, including distributors, to obtain adequate financing to support the project or to obtain requisite approvals. Any delay in purchasing decisions or cancellation of purchasing commitments may result in a decrease in our revenues. A credit crisis could further affect our business if key suppliers are unable to obtain financing to manufacture our products or become insolvent and we are unable to manufacture product to meet customer demand. If the United States and global economy becomes sluggish or deteriorates for a longer period than we anticipate, we may experience a material negative decrease on the demand for our products which may, in turn, have a material adverse effect on our revenue, profitability, financial condition, ability to raise additional capital and the market price of our stock.


Physicians may not use our products if they do not believe they are safe, efficient and effective.


We believe that physicians will not use our products unless they determine that the Niobe ES system and Vdrive system provide a safe, effective and preferable alternative to interventional methods in general use today. If longer-term patient studies or clinical experience indicate that treatment with our system or products is less effective, less efficient or less safe than our current data suggest, our sales would be harmed, and we could be subject to significant liability. Further, unsatisfactory patient outcomes or patient injury could cause negative publicity for our products, particularly in the early phases of product introduction. In addition, physicians may be slow to adopt our products if they perceive liability risks arising from the use of these new products. It is also possible that as our products become more widely used, latent defects could be identified, creating negative publicity and liability problems for us and adversely affecting demand for our products. If physicians do not use our products, we likely will not become profitable or generate sufficient cash to survive as a going concern.


Our collaborations with fluoroscopy system manufacturers and providers of catheters and electrophysiology mapping systems or other parties may fail, or we may not be able to enter into additional collaborations in the future.


We have collaborated with and are continuing to collaborate with fluoroscopy system manufacturers and providers of catheters and electrophysiology mapping systems and other parties to make our instrument control technology compatible with their respective imaging products or disposable interventional devices and to co-develop additional disposable interventional devices for use with our products. A significant portion of our revenue from system sales is derived from these integrated products. The maintenance of these collaborations, or the establishment of equivalent alternatives, is critical to our commercialization efforts. The commercial availability of currently compatible digital imaging fluoroscopy systems is unlikely to continue and efforts are being made to ensure the availability of integrated next generation systems and/or equivalent alternatives; however, we cannot assure as to the timeline of the ongoing availability of such compatible systems or our ability to obtain equivalent alternatives on competitive terms or at all.

Our product commercialization plans could be disrupted, leading to lower than expected revenue and a material and adverse impact on our results of operations and cash flow, if:


  we fail to or are unable to maintain adequate compatibility of our products with the most prevalent imaging products or disposable interventional devices expected by our customers for their clinical practice;
  any of our collaboration partners delays or fails in the integration of its technology or new products with our robotic magnetic system;
  any of our collaboration partners fails to develop or commercialize the integrated products in a timely manner; or
  we become involved in disputes with one or more of our collaboration partners regarding our collaborations.


Some of our collaborators are large, global organizations with diverse product lines and interests that may diverge from our interests in commercializing our products. Accordingly, our collaborators may not devote adequate resources to our products, or may experience financial difficulties, change their business strategy or undergo a business combination that may affect their willingness or ability to fulfill their obligations to us.


The failure of one or more of our collaborations could have a material adverse effect on our financial condition, results of operations and cash flow. In addition, if we are unable to enter into additional collaborations in the future, or if these collaborations fail, our ability to develop and commercialize products could be impacted negatively and our revenue could be adversely affected.


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