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STEREOTAXIS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 03/15/2019
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The components of the robotic magnetic system are identified and described below:


Niobe® Robotic Magnetic Navigation System. Our robotic magnetic system utilizes two permanent magnets mounted on articulating and pivoting arms that are enclosed within a stationary housing, with one magnet on either side of the patient table. These magnets generate magnetic navigation fields that are less than 10% of the strength of fields typically generated by MRI equipment and therefore require significantly less shielding, and cause significantly less interference, than MRI equipment. The robotic magnetic system is indicated for use in cardiac, peripheral and neurovascular applications.


Cardiodrive® Automated Catheter Advancement System. As the physician conducts the procedure from the adjacent control room, the Cardiodrive Automated Catheter Advancement System (“Cardiodrive”) in conjunction with the QuikCAS automated catheter advancement system is used to remotely advance and retract the electrophysiology catheter in the patient’s heart while the robotic magnetic system magnets precisely steer the working tip of the device.


Odyssey® Solution


The Odyssey Solution offers a fully integrated, real-time information solution to manage, control, record and share procedures across networks or around the world. We believe that the Odyssey Solution enhances the physician workflow in interventional labs through a consolidated user interface of multiple systems on a single display to enable greater focus on the case and improve the efficiency of the lab. Through the use of a single mouse and keyboard, the Odyssey Solution allows the user to command multiple systems in the lab from a single point of control. In addition, the Odyssey Solution acquires a real-time, remote view of the lab capturing synchronized procedure data for review of important events during cases. The Odyssey Solution enables physicians to access recorded cases and create snapshots following procedures for enhanced clinical reporting, auditing and presentation. The Odyssey Solution enables physicians to establish a comprehensive master archive of procedures performed in the lab providing an excellent tool for training new staff on the standard practices. The Odyssey Solution further enables procedures to be observed remotely around the world with high speed Internet access over a hospital VPN even wirelessly using a standard laptop or Windows tablet computer. The Odyssey Solution may be acquired either as part of the Epoch Solution or on a stand-alone basis for installation in interventional labs and other locations where clinicians desire improved clinical workflows and related efficiencies.


Vdrive™ Robotic Navigation System


The Vdrive system provides navigation and stability for diagnostic and ablation devices designed with key features to assist in the delivery of better ablations. Important features include complementing the robotic magnetic system control of catheters with fully remote, single operator workflow; and providing robotic control of diagnostic devices independent of magnetic navigation. The Vdrive Duo system is an optional expansion of the Vdrive hardware that allows control of up to two of the four available disposable options (V-Loop, V-Sono, V-CAS, and V-CAS Deflect).


Disposables and Other Accessories


Our robotic magnetic system is designed to use a toolkit of proprietary disposable interventional devices. The toolkit currently consists of:


  Our QuikCAS automated catheter advancement disposables designed to provide precise remote advancement of proprietary electrophysiology catheters; and
  Biosense Webster’s CARTO® RMT navigation and ablation system, CELSIUS® RMT, NAVISTAR® RMT, NAVISTAR® RMT DS, NAVISTAR® RMT THERMOCOOL® and CELSIUS® RMT THERMOCOOL® Irrigated Tip Diagnostic/Ablation Steerable Tip Catheters co-developed by Biosense Webster and Stereotaxis, as described below, with sales of such magnetically-enabled catheters generating royalty payable from Biosense Webster to Stereotaxis.


We believe that we can adapt many of the applicable disposable interventional devices for use with our system by using our proprietary technology to add an inexpensive micro-magnet at their working tip. This micro-magnet is activated by an external magnetic field, which allows interventional devices with tip dimensions as small as 14 thousandths (0.014) of an inch to be oriented and positioned in a predictable and controllable fashion. We believe this approach to bringing digital control to disposable interventional devices using embedded magnets can simplify the overall design of these devices because mechanical controls are no longer required.


In addition to the Vdrive and Vdrive Duo systems, we also manufacture and market various disposable components which can be manipulated by these systems. These include:


  our V-CAS catheter advancement system (“V-CAS system”) that controls both the magnetic catheter body and a standard fixed-curve sheath;
  our V-CAS Deflect fully integrated catheter advancement system (“V-CAS Deflect system”) with a robotic deflectable sheath for maximum integration and versatility, allowing users to advance and retract the magnetic catheter body at angles up to 210°;
  our V-Loop circular catheter manipulator (“V-Loop device”), which allows the user to control certain circular mapping catheters, such as Biosense Webster’s LASSO®2515 or LASSO®2515 NAV Circular Mapping Catheter, advance, retract, rotate, deflect and adjust loop radius, and hold the catheter position against the tissue to optimize electrograms; and
  our V-Sono ICE catheter manipulator (“V-Sono device”) that allows a single physician to manipulate BWI SoundStar™ and AcuNav™ catheters from the control room, store and recall previous positions and automatically sweep over an area of interest with adjustable speed and angle, and automatically track a 3.5mm NAVISTAR® RMT THERMOCOOL® Irrigated Tip Catheter – all without leaving the control room.


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