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STEREOTAXIS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 03/15/2019
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We have entered into business arrangements with technology leaders in the global interventional market, including manufacturers of fluoroscopy systems, ablation catheters, and electrophysiology mapping systems, that we believe aid us in commercializing our robotic magnetic system. These arrangements are important to us as they provide for the integration of our system with digital imaging and 3D catheter location sensing technology, as well as catheters compatible with our system.




We have successfully integrated our robotic magnetic system with digital fluoroscopy systems to provide advanced interventional lab visualization and instrument control through user-friendly computerized interfaces. The maintenance of these arrangements, or the establishment of equivalent alternatives, is critical to our commercialization efforts. The commercial availability of currently compatible digital imaging fluoroscopy systems is unlikely to continue and efforts are being made to ensure the availability of integrated next generation systems and/or equivalent alternatives; however, we cannot provide assurance as to the timeline of the ongoing availability of such compatible systems or our ability to obtain equivalent alternatives on competitive terms or at all.


Disposables Devices


We have successfully integrated Biosense Webster’s advanced 3D catheter location sensing technology, which we believe has the leading market position in this important field of visualization for electrophysiology procedures, with our robotic magnetic system. We have jointly developed associated location and non-location sensing electrophysiology mapping and ablation catheters that are navigable with our robotic magnetic system. We believe that these integrated products provide physicians with the elements required for effective complex electrophysiology procedures: highly accurate information as to the exact location of the catheter in the body and highly precise control over the working tip of the catheter.


The co-developed catheters are manufactured and distributed by Biosense Webster, and both of the parties agreed to contribute to the resources required for their development. We are entitled to royalty payments from Biosense Webster, payable quarterly based on net revenues from sales of the co-developed catheters. Royalty revenue from the co-developed catheters represented 10% of revenue for the years ended December 31, 2018 and 2017.


Biosense Webster’s distribution rights for co-developed catheters are nonexclusive until December 31, 2022. Upon the expiration or termination of the agreement, other than due to a change of control of Stereotaxis, the agreement provides for a continuation of supply by Biosense Webster of the co-developed catheters to us or our customers for three years. The agreement provides an opportunity to expand the product offering covered by the agreement to include a next generation irrigated magnetic catheter, subject to mutually agreeable terms including exclusive distribution rights.


Under the agreements with Biosense Webster, we granted Biosense Webster certain notice and discussion rights for product development activities we undertake relating to localization of magnetically enabled interventional disposable devices in fields outside of electrophysiology and mapping.


Either party may terminate this agreement in certain specified “change of control” situations, although the termination would not be effective until one year after the change of control and then would be subject to a wind-down period during which Biosense Webster would continue to supply co-developed catheters to us or to our customers for three years (or, for non-location sensing mapping and ablation catheters, until our first sale of a competitive product after a change of control, if earlier than three years). If either party terminates the agreement under this provision, we must pay a termination fee to Biosense Webster equal to 5% of our total equity value in the change of control transaction, up to a maximum of $10 million. If a change of control of Stereotaxis occurs after Biosense Webster has received approval from the U.S. FDA for atrial fibrillation indication for the NAVISTAR® RMT THERMOCOOL® catheter, we would be required to pay an additional $10 million fee to Biosense Webster, and termination of the agreement by either party would not be effective until two years after the change of control. We also agreed to notify Biosense Webster if we reasonably believe that we are engaged in substantive discussions with respect to the sale of the Company or substantially all of our assets.




We have assembled an experienced group of engineers and physicists with recognized expertise in magnetics, software, control algorithms, systems integration and disposable interventional device modeling and design.


Our research and development efforts are focused in the following areas:


  continuing to enhance our existing Niobe system, Odyssey Solution, and Vdrive system through ongoing product and software development; and
  designing new proprietary disposable interventional devices for use with our system.


Our research and development team collaborates with strategic third parties to integrate our robotic magnetic system’s open architecture platform with key imaging, location sensing and information systems in the interventional lab. We have also collaborated with a number of highly regarded interventional physicians in key clinical areas and have entered into agreements with a number of universities and teaching hospitals, which serve to increase our access to world class physicians and to expand our name recognition in the medical community.


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