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STEREOTAXIS, INC. filed this Form PRE 14A on 03/28/2019
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(1) Amounts reported reflect the aggregate grant date fair value of awards granted during the year computed in accordance with ASC 718, Compensation-Stock Compensation. These awards consist of grants of incentive stock options. See Note 10 of the notes to our consolidated financial statements contained in our 2018 Annual Report on Form 10-K for a discussion of all assumptions made by us in determining the ASC 718, Compensation-Stock Compensation values of our equity awards. These amounts reflect the aggregate grant date fair value for these awards and do not correspond to the actual value that will be recognized by the Named Executive Officers.
(2) These amounts represent cash awards earned during the respective fiscal year under the applicable annual incentive programs, irrespective of the year in which they were actually paid.
(3) All Other Compensation includes the payment of group term life insurance premiums.
(4) David L. Fischel was appointed as Chief Executive Officer February 3, 2017. Mr. Fischel is not an employee of the Company and receives compensation only as a director.
(5) Kevin M. Barry was hired as Chief Legal Officer & Secretary November 5, 2018.


Outstanding Equity Awards At Fiscal Year-End


The following table discloses information regarding outstanding awards under the Company’s 2002 Stock Incentive Plan, as amended and 2012 Stock Incentive Plan, as amended, as of December 31, 2018.


      Option Awards  Stock Awards 



  Date of Award  Number of Securities Underlying Unexercised Options (#) Exercisable  

Number of Securities Underlying Unexercised Options

(#) Unexercisable (1)

   Option Exercise Price ($)   Option Expiration Date  Number of Shares or Units of Stock That Have Not Vested (#)(2)   Market Value of Shares or Units of Stock That Have Not Vested ($)(3) 
David L. Fischel(4)  07/03/17                     30,000    32,400 
   01/02/18                     30,000    32,400 
   07/02/18                     30,000    32,400 
Martin C. Stammer  02/15/11   700         35.20   02/15/21          
   03/27/14   33,000         4.04   03/27/24          
   02/06/15   31,608    1,392    2.15   02/06/25          
   02/06/15                     4,850    5,238 
   02/09/16                     26,200    28,296 
   02/26/18        60,000    0.74   02/26/28          
Kevin M. Barry(5)  11/05/18        30,000    1.07   11/05/28          


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