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STEREOTAXIS, INC. filed this Form S-1/A on 05/12/2004
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                                    EXHIBIT C

                          BIOSENSE VENDOR REQUIREMENTS

The following requirements must be achieved and maintained in order for
Stereotaxis to become and remain an Approved Supplier for Products.

1.    Quality System Requirements

1.1   Assessment: Biosense Webster will perform a Quality System Audit of
      Stereotaxis' quality systems to determine that the requirements of this
      section have been satisfied. Once the Biosense Webster auditor has
      performed the audit with satisfactory results, Biosense Webster will
      notify Stereotaxis in writing that the supplier approval process is
      complete. Minor deficiencies or non-conformances identified during these
      audits that are not indicative of a lack of control and will not preclude
      Stereotaxis from supplier approval. However, such observations will be
      brought to the attention of Stereotaxis and Biosense Webster and
      Stereotaxis will identify actions that will be taken to correct these
      items and agree upon a time schedule in which these actions will be

1.2   Stereotaxis will attain a general state of compliance with the FDA and
      international medical device requirements.

1.3   Stereotaxis will have, or will develop, quality systems which comply with
      current GMP QSR (CFR 820), ISO9000, ISO14001, and EN46001, as determined
      by Biosense Webster and or FDA or EC Notified Body assessment. However,
      the development of appropriate quality systems will occur in a timely
      fashion so as to permit commercialization of Products as soon as other
      factors permit.

1.4   Written requirements, including but not limited to specifications,
      drawings, test methods and procedures, will be utilized by Stereotaxis for
      all Products manufactured for Biosense Webster. All requirements will be
      mutually developed and agreed upon by Stereotaxis and Biosense Webster.

1.5   Stereotaxis will not make any changes to components, processes, systems
      (e.g. quality, measurement, testing) which are relevant to the admission
      of the products or suppliers used to produce, test and or release Products
      manufactured for Biosense Webster without prior written approval from
      Biosense Webster Quality Assurance management.

1.6   Stereotaxis will establish and implement a system that ensures Device
      History Records (DHR) for each batch, lot, or unit are created to
      demonstrate that the Product is manufactured in accordance with all
      applicable specifications and requirements.

1.6.1 DHR's will contain adequate information to provide traceability of all
      components and manufacturing aids (if any) used in the manufacture of a
      finished Product.


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