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STEREOTAXIS, INC. filed this Form S-1/A on 05/12/2004
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      field action, including informing customers and defining the logistics of
      the field action. Stereotaxis will cooperate fully in the implementation
      of any field action.

1.11  Stereotaxis will establish a document retention procedure to ensure that
      all documents required to meet the quality requirements herein set forth,
      including distribution records, are retained for a minimum of 5 years
      from the date of Product, including but not limited to Design History
      Files and Complaint Files will be retained for a minimum of 10 years.

1.12  Biosense Webster may provide assistance to conduct interim audits of
      Stereotaxis' quality systems to ensure that those systems are being
      developed in accordance with Biosense Webster's supplier qualification

1.13  Stereotaxis will maintain 97% on time delivery and 99% quality acceptance
      of Products.


Assessment. Biosense Webster will conduct Design Validation, Design Verification
and Product Performance Qualification (PPQ) testing to determine if the Current
Products or Modified Products meet their pre-established specifications and
quality attributes. Once the Products have successfully met all requirements of
the Design Validation Verification and PPQ testing, and all Quality Systems
Requirements stated above have been met, Stereotaxis will be considered a
Qualified Supplier and added to the Biosense Webster QSIL (Qualified Supplier
Items List).


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