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STEREOTAXIS, INC. filed this Form S-1/A on 05/12/2004
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                                   EXHIBIT D


1     Hardware

The Stereotaxis Localization System (currently being developed by a Stereotaxis
subcontractor) is designed to use AC magnetic fields to localize single coil
receivers, and provides five degree-of-freedom Localization for up to six coils.
The sample rate is 50 samples per second per channel.

2     Applications currently targeted

2.1   Expected to be in the clinic (i.e. human clinical trials) by Q3 2002: User
      interface for electrophysiology navigation in which the system changes the
      magnet field in real-time in response to input from the user, via a 3D
      input device. The catheter advancer will also be fully compatible into the
      user interface to provide telemetric control to the physician. Other
      features include three dimensional (3D) point capture and tissue contact

2.2   Expected to be in the clinic by Q4 2002: This phase adds 3D visualization
      and target-based navigation. A pre-operative CT will be imported to the
      system and registered, such that the localized EP catheter can be
      graphically rendered within the 3D CT heart chamber rendering. This
      enables the physician to visualize precisely where the catheter lies,
      relative to the complex anatomy he/she is trying to ablate. Additionally
      the physician will be able to point-and-click on 3D anatomic targets
      within the image, and the system will, via the magnet field.


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