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STEREOTAXIS, INC. filed this Form S-1/A on 05/12/2004
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     (a) Siemens' CSEs will provide front line (first call) support for the
Stereotaxis Products during the term of this Agreement, including the product
warranty period (generally one year from the date of installation).

     (b) Subject to Section 14(f) below, Siemens will provide the following
break/fix services during the term of this Agreement: (i) initial call receipt
by Siemens UPTIME Service Center (available 24/7 hours); (ii) remote diagnosis,
if available, by Siemens technical support; (iii) dispatch of Siemens CSE to
customer site; (iv) diagnosis of problem and corrective action (no part call);
(v) ordering of necessary part(s), removal and replacement of parts, calibration
and corrective action; (vi) escalation of problems to Stereotaxis that are
beyond the level of training provided to Siemens' CSEs; and (vii) continued
on-site support as required to assist the Stereotaxis field service engineer and
to resolve the customer problem.

     (c) Siemens will install all software and hardware updates as released by

     (d) Siemens will provide reporting of any complaints related to
Stereotaxis' Products to Stereotaxis.

     (e) Reimbursement to Siemens for these services will be on a time basis at
the rates set forth in Exhibit A attached hereto.

     (f) Prior to Siemens dispatching a Siemens CSE to a customer site, as
described in Section 14(b)(iii) above, Siemens shall notify Stereotaxis'
technical support staff and obtain its approval to render such service. In the
event that Stereotaxis fails to respond to Siemens within one (1) hour of such
notification, then Siemens will proceed to render such services. If Siemens
dispatches a CSE to the customer site before receiving the approval of
Stereotaxis or, in the absence of any such approval, before the expiration of
the one (1) hour period, then Siemens will not bill the travel time to
Stereotaxis. The response time for Siemens to provide to any customer the
services described in Sections 14(b)(i) through 14(b)(iii) inclusive shall not
exceed 4 hours during the customer's principal coverage period; provided,
however, that the time during which Siemens is waiting for Stereotaxis' approval
to dispatch a CSE to the customer site shall not count towards the 4 hours'
response time requirement.


     (a) Stereotaxis will provide 24x7 hours technical support to Siemens' CSEs.
The initial support plan is as follows:

          o    Stereotaxis will create a toll-free, dedicated service support
               telephone number.

          o    This number will ring at key personnel's desks in St. Louis
               during regular work hours. If the line is not answered within 4
               rings or it is after regular business hours, the call will
               forward to an answering service.

          o    The answering service will page the on-call service support

          o    Response time for technical support is within 2 hours of call

          o    Technical support will log all inbound calls including all
               pertinent information such as date, time, customer, problem
               description, problem resolution, etc.

     (b) After Stereotaxis has completed a sufficient number of sales of
Stereotaxis Products, Stereotaxis will investigate the following alternatives
based upon the service needs/frequency of calls/installed base requirements
gathered during the initial sales phase. The preferred option of Stereotaxis
will be discussed and agreed by Siemens before implementation:

     o    Option 1. Establish a dedicated support staff that are available 24x7
          hours and are Stereotaxis employees.

     o    Option 2. Outsource technical support to a 3rd party company that is
          staffed 24x7 hours. This will require in depth training for the 3rd
          party company. Maintain a level 3 support response on an as required
          pager basis.


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