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STEREOTAXIS, INC. filed this Form S-1/A on 05/12/2004
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Attachment C:

         It regulates in detail the obligations of Siemens SGT and proresearch
         as well as the cost and conditions for the building of the Labratory.

Attachment D:

         It governs the maintenance of the system, e.g. maintenance contracts
         between Siemens Med and proresearch, and Stereotaxis Inc. and
         proresearch, and contains additional agreements like First Level

Attachment E:

         Leasing contract

                         SECTION 2 TERM AND TERMINATION

2.1      The term of this Agreement commences on the date it is executed by all
         parties and ends after 60 months. The parties may extend the term of
         this agreement three months before expiration by mutual written consent
         from year to year.

2.2      The completion of the Laboratory and the appropriation of the system
         should take place in the last quarter of the year 2002.

2.3      Should Siemens or Stereotaxis not be able to fulfil its substantial
         obligations, proreseach shall have the right for termination of the
         contract with a notice period of 30 days.

         proresearch may return the NIOBE or AXIOM Artis dFC system, if Siemens
         and/or Stereotaxis during the installation period is not able to fulfil
         its substantial obligations.

         Acceptance of the NIOBE System shall be deemed to have occurred upon
         written notification by Stereotaxis (signed by an officer of
         Stereotaxis) to proresearch that installation is completed in all
         material respects and that Stereotaxis in good faith determines the
         NIOBE System is (i) operating according to specifications and (ii) is
         completely ready for clinical use of following completion of the first
         five animal or human procedures with the NIOBE System (proresearch will
         provide immediate written notice of such completion to Stereotaxis),
         whichever is the earlier.

         Acceptance of AXIOM Artis dFC system is governed by VOL.

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