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STEREOTAXIS, INC. filed this Form S-1/A on 05/12/2004
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         between the customer's purchase of Integrated Lab components from
         Stereotaxis and from Siemens will be evident to the customer.

3.4      Sales brochures, bid specification and customer payment will be made
         in a way that a distinct separation between the Stereotaxis components
         and Siemens components is evident to the customer.
         Notwithstanding the above, there is a joint document for room planning
         and installation instructions.

3.5      Siemens will provide to the customer project management on site 
         addressing room preparation, shipment and installation.

3.6      The countries listed in Annex 2 are excluded from this Agreement and
         the Exclusivity Period does not apply in respect of such countries. 
         Section 3.2.2 will apply.

3.7      Contracts with customers will be signed by each party for their 
         respective components to be delivered.

3.8      Siemens will manufacture, warrant, sell and deliver the Product in 
         accordance with reasonable industry practices. For a period of 12 
         months after the Exclusivity Period, Siemens will continue to so 
         manufacture, warrant, sell and deliver the Product and other Siemens
         components of Integrated Labs based on customer purchase orders for 
         the same.

3.9      Further details on the sales cooperation will be agreed to by a 
         "collaborative sales working group" to be established after the
         signing of this Agreement, the object being to promote sales and
         promotions cooperation between the parties while continuing to maintain
         distinct and separate business and sales operations and identities.

         Stereotaxis as well as Siemens will ship directly to the customer 
         site. Time schedule is coordinated by the Siemens project manager.
         The first Integrated Labs will be tested in Siemens AX before shipment
         to the customer to assure compatibility.
         The number of units which have to pass the compatibility test after the
         first units testing will be defined separately and mutually agreed.


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