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STEREOTAXIS, INC. filed this Form S-1/A on 05/12/2004
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         Further details on logistics will be agreed to by a "collaborative
         logistics working group" to be established after the signing of this 


5.1      For installation at least one Stereotaxis person is on the customer 
         site at Stereotaxis cost and expense. Siemens will support the 
         installation of Stereotaxis components to Siemens' system.

5.2      Service on site will be done by Siemens in accordance with a service 
         contract between the customer and Siemens and Stereotaxis, on 
         commercially reasonable terms to be mutually agreed.

         Such service will include Stereotaxis' components. To enable Siemens 
         to perform service Stereotaxis shall provide Siemens at no cost with 
         INFORMATION necessary for Siemens to perform service on Stereotaxis' 
         components and shall train at no cost to Siemens a reasonable number 
         of Siemens' specialists in the service of Stereotaxis' components. 
         Furthermore, Stereotaxis and Siemens shall cooperate to provide 
         service call center support as well as spare parts in respect of 
         Integrated Labs.

         Details regarding service, including but not limited to response time 
         and spare part logistics, will be handled agreed to by a  
         "collaborative service working group" to be established after the 
         signing of this Agreement.

         Siemens agrees to provide such service on such terms for a period of 
         at least 12 months following the expiration of the Exclusivity Period 
         and for such additional term as may be mutually agreed.


6.1      Either Party expressly undertakes to retain in confidence, to protect 
         with the same degree of care used in protecting its own INFORMATION 
         and not to use for other purposes than contemplated by this Agreement 
         or to disclose to any third party all INFORMATION in a written or 
         other tangible form supplied by the other Party in relation to this 
         Agreement and clearly marked as being "Confidential". Oral INFORMATION 
         of a Party that is confidential and is restricted in use shall be 
         reproduced in writing marked as being "Confidential" and sent to the 
         other Party within one (1) month after its communication to the other 
         Party. The receiving Party agrees to restrict access of such 
         Confidential Information to employees and agents who have a need to 
         know pursuant to their scope of employment or agency arrangement and 
         further agrees to instruct its


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