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STEREOTAXIS, INC. filed this Form S-1/A on 06/17/2004
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Business Strategy

       Our goal is to establish the Stereotaxis System as the standard of care for complex interventional procedures in cardiology by bringing magnetic instrument control into standard interventional clinical practice. The key elements of our strategy for achieving this goal are to:

Leverage the efficiency and productivity improvements enabled by our system to present a compelling economic justification to hospitals. We believe our system enhances the rate of return to hospitals by optimizing cath lab economics, reducing procedure times, disposable interventional device usage and staffing requirements during procedures. This allows us to present a compelling economic justification to hospitals for the purchase of our systems.
Integrate our system with our key strategic partners’ products and leverage our partnerships to assist in further development, commercialization, sales and service of our products. We are integrating our system with Siemens’ and Philips’ widely used imaging equipment and J&J’s advanced 3D catheter location sensing technology to provide seamless integration of instrument control and visualization and a toolkit of disposable interventional devices that we believe will enable new therapeutic solutions in the cath lab. We intend to continue leveraging the sales, distribution, service and maintenance expertise of our strategic partners to facilitate co-placement of integrated systems and disposable interventional devices and to support and maintain our equipment at installed sites. See “Business — Collaborations” for a further description of our strategic partnerships. We intend to selectively expand the number of co-marketing agreements that we have with major companies in the cath lab market in order to augment the effectiveness of our direct sales force and distribution network, and to add distributors to extend coverage to key areas outside the U.S. We also intend to selectively enter into additional licensing, development and manufacturing partnerships with major disposables companies in order to expand the number of magnetically controlled disposable interventional devices that can be used with the Stereotaxis System. We will continue to outsource major components and sub-assemblies of our equipment to maximize manufacturing flexibility and lower fixed costs, while maintaining quality control by completing final system assembly and inspection in-house.
Provide an essential digital link in the cath lab between imaging systems and instrument control. We intend to maintain an open architecture approach to connectivity in the cath lab in order to encourage the major imaging companies to consider Stereotaxis an essential ingredient for digital integration and automation in the cath lab. We believe that integrating our system with key imaging and visualization technologies using an open architecture approach is a key element in establishing our system as the standard of care for complex interventional procedures.
Expand clinical applications for, and utilization of, our technology. We intend to pursue clinical research with leading interventional cardiologists and electrophysiologists in order to further develop and expand the range of clinical applications for magnetic instrument control in the field of cardiology. We also intend to provide comprehensive training and educational programs for physicians regarding the use and benefits of our system in order to increase the overall utilization of our technology. We believe that we can build on our experience in the cardiology field to expand the scope of our technology to other major clinical areas where there are potential unmet needs for better device navigation and control.
Capitalize on our technology leadership to enhance our competitive position. We intend to enhance and maintain our technology leadership with focused research and development. We also intend to build on our “first mover” advantage to establish Stereotaxis as the preferred approach for cath lab automation, by providing continuous improvement of our technology and user-friendly software. We will continue to protect our intellectual property through additions to our already significant patent portfolio in order to cover the key aspects of our technology,


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