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STEREOTAXIS, INC. filed this Form S-1/A on 06/17/2004
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and treatment of diseases affecting the lungs, prostate, kidneys, colon and small intestine. We do not anticipate any significant revenue from these programs in the near term.


       We have entered into collaborations with three technology leaders in the global cath lab market, Siemens, Philips and J&J, that we believe will aid us in commercializing our Stereotaxis System. We believe our two imaging partners, Siemens and Philips, have a combined installed base of more than 2,200 cardiology cath labs in the U.S.

       We believe that these collaboration arrangements are favorable to Stereotaxis because they:

  •  provide for the integration of our system with market leading digital imaging and 3D catheter location sensing technology, as well as disposable interventional devices;
  •  allow us to leverage the sales, distribution, service and maintenance expertise of our strategic partners; and
  •  enable operational flexibility by not requiring us to provide any of our strategic partners with a right of first refusal in the event that another party wants to acquire us or with board representation where a strategic partner has made a debt or equity investment in us.
Imaging Partners

       Siemens Alliance. In June 2001, we entered into an alliance with Siemens, a global leader in cath lab equipment sales, including x-ray fluoroscopy systems. Under this alliance, we successfully integrated our Stereotaxis System with Siemens’ digital fluoroscopy system to provide advanced cath lab visualization and instrument control through user-friendly computerized interfaces. We also coordinate our sales efforts with Siemens to co-place integrated systems at leading hospital sites in the U.S. and Europe. Under this alliance and under a separate services agreement, Siemens provides site planning, project management, equipment maintenance and support services for our products directly to our customers. To date, all of our systems placed for clinical use have been integrated with Siemens’ digital fluoroscopy systems.

       In May 2003, we entered into an expanded alliance with Siemens, under which we are collaborating to produce what we believe will be market leading technology to provide physicians with real-time 3D visualization of a patient’s anatomy during a procedure by integrating pre-operative MRI and CT data with x-ray fluoroscopic data. We also agreed to integrate our instrument control technology with Siemens’ imaging technology in order to develop new solutions in cardiology and, potentially, in interventional radiology. Where Siemens’ proprietary technology is incorporated into products being co-developed under this expanded alliance, there are restrictions on our ability to use that technology to sell Stereotaxis Systems integrated with other third party x-ray imaging systems. These restrictions expire 12 months after the placement of the first integrated system under this expanded alliance or on December 31, 2005, whichever is earlier. We have also entered into a separate development agreement for the Japanese market under which Siemens will coordinate regulatory approval and distribute, install and service our Stereotaxis Systems, whether integrated with the x-ray system of Siemens, or other third parties, in Japan. We have also entered into a software distribution agreement with Siemens under which we have the right to sublicense Siemens’ 3D pre-operative image navigation software as part of our NAVIGANT advanced user interface.

       Concurrently with entering into the expanded alliance, Siemens invested $10 million in our Series E preferred stock in 2003. Siemens also holds a $2 million note convertible into Stereotaxis common stock under specified circumstances, which was issued by us in connection with the purchase of certain of Siemens’ intellectual property in August 2003. See “Certain Relationships and Related Party Transactions”.


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