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STEREOTAXIS, INC. filed this Form S-1/A on 06/17/2004
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       Philips Alliance. In October 2003, we entered into an alliance with Philips, another recognized global leader in cath lab sales, pursuant to which we agreed to integrate our Stereotaxis System with Philips’ digital x-ray fluoroscopy system to achieve seamless integration of our instrument control technology and Philips’ digital x-ray imaging on a user friendly basis. We also agreed with Philips to identify areas of concentration for bringing new solutions to integration of information sources and instrument control in the cath lab in cardiology and neurology. Under this alliance, we will coordinate our sales efforts with Philips in order to co-place our integrated systems. Philips also agreed to pay our engineering and other costs of the integration and related research and development work, and agreed to purchase a maximum of three promotional integrated Stereotaxis Systems from us for installation at agreed upon “centers of excellence” by no later than December 31, 2004 or, at our election, January 31, 2005. Additionally, Philips has agreed to pay various co-placement fees to Stereotaxis for each of the first 70 systems integrated with Philips that are shipped commercially. The total amount that we are entitled to receive from Philips under this agreement for research and development costs, co-placement fees and the purchase of our promotional integrated Stereotaxis Systems is capped at $7.5 million.

Disposables Partner

       J&J Alliance. We entered into an alliance with J&J in May 2002 pursuant to which we agreed to integrate J&J’s advanced Biosense 3D catheter location sensing technology, which we believe has the leading market position in this important field of visualization for electrophysiology procedures, with our instrument control system, and to jointly develop associated location sensing electrophysiology mapping and ablation catheters that are navigable with the Stereotaxis System. We believe that these integrated products will provide physicians with the elements required for effective complex electrophysiology procedures: highly accurate information as to the exact location of the catheter in the body and highly precise control over the working tip of the catheter. We also agreed to coordinate our sales force efforts with J&J in order to place J&J Biosense CARTO Systems and our Stereotaxis Systems that, together with the co-developed catheters, will comprise the full integration of our instrument control and 3D location sensing technologies in the cath lab. We expanded this alliance in November 2003 to include the parallel integration of our instrument control technology with J&J’s full line of non-location sensing mapping and ablation catheters that are relevant to our targeted applications in electrophysiology.

       The co-developed catheters will be manufactured and distributed by J&J, and each of the parties agreed to contribute to the resources required for their development. We are entitled to royalty payments from J&J, payable quarterly based on a profit formula for sales of the co-developed catheters, and our revenue share increases under certain circumstances. Under this alliance, we agreed to certain restrictions on our ability to co-develop and distribute catheters competitive with those we are developing with J&J and granted J&J certain notice and discussion rights for product development activities we undertake relating to localization and magnetically enabling interventional disposable devices in cardiology fields outside of electrophysiology and mapping. In connection with our expanded alliance, J&J also invested $9.5 million in our Series E-1 preferred stock in 2003.

       Either party may terminate this alliance in certain specified “change of control” situations, although the termination would not be effective until one year after the change of control and then would be subject to a wind-down period during which J&J would continue to supply co-developed catheters to us or to our customers for three years (or, for non-location sensing mapping and ablation catheters, until our first sale of a competitive product after a change of control, if earlier than three years). If we terminate the agreement under this provision, we must pay a termination fee to J&J equal to 5% of the total equity value of Stereotaxis in the change of control transaction, up to a maximum of $10 million. We also agreed to notify J&J if we reasonably consider that we are engaged in substantive discussions in respect of the sale of the company or substantially all of our assets. See “Certain Relationships and Related Party Transactions”.


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