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STEREOTAXIS, INC. filed this Form S-1/A on 06/17/2004
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NIOBE Systems

       Our manufacturing strategy for our NIOBE system is to sub-contract the manufacture of major components and to complete the final assembly and testing of those components in-house in order to control quality. This permits us to focus on our core competencies in magnet design, magnetic physics, magnetic instrument control and navigational algorithms. Approximately 8,000 square feet of our St. Louis, Missouri facility is dedicated to systems assembly, testing and inspection.

Disposable Interventional Devices

       Our manufacturing strategy for disposable interventional devices is to outsource their manufacture through subcontracting and through our alliance with J&J and to expand partnerships for other interventional devices. We currently maintain pilot level manufacturing capability along with strong relationships with component level suppliers. We also manufacture prototype disposables to facilitate product development. We have approximately 5,000 square feet allocated to disposables manufacturing, assembly, testing and inspection with approximately 1,300 square feet of clean rooms in Maple Grove, Minnesota.


       The software components of the Stereotaxis System, including control and application software, is developed both internally and with integrated modules we purchase or license. We perform final testing of software products in-house prior to their commercial release.


       Our manufacturing facilities operate under processes that meet the FDA’s requirements under the Quality System Regulation. In 2003, the FDA audited our Maple Grove, Minnesota facility for regulatory compliance, and no deficiencies were noted. A European regulatory agency audited each facility in 2001, found them to be in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001, and issued a formal certification from the ISO Registrar in January of 2002. If we fail to remain in compliance with the FDA or ISO 9001 standards, we may be required to cease all or part of our operations for some period of time until we can demonstrate that appropriate steps have been taken to comply with such standards. We cannot be certain that our facilities will comply with the FDA or ISO 9001 standards in future audits by regulatory authorities.

       Our products require a number of complex operations, including multiple fabrication and assembly processes. We purchase both custom and off-the-shelf components from a number of certified suppliers and subject them to stringent quality processes. We apply periodic quality reviews of our suppliers and have established a supplier selection approval process. Some of the components necessary for the assembly of our products are supplied by a single supplier. Establishing additional or replacement suppliers for certain of those components cannot be done quickly. The disruption of the supply of components could cause a significant increase in the costs of these components, which could affect our profitability. We purchase components through both short and long-term supply arrangements and generally do not maintain large volumes of inventory. We currently have a long-term supply agreement for the supply of the permanent magnet assemblies used in our Stereotaxis System. We believe we have the ability to double our manufacturing capacity within six months to accommodate a significant increase in sales volume of our Stereotaxis System.

       Lead times for materials and components ordered by us and our contract manufacturers vary and depend on factors such as the specific supplier, contract terms and demand for a component at a given time. We and our contract manufacturers acquire materials, complete standard subassemblies and assemble fully configured systems based on sales forecasts. If orders do not match forecasts, we and our contract manufacturers may have excess or inadequate inventory of materials


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