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STEREOTAXIS, INC. filed this Form S-1/A on 06/17/2004
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Executive Officers, Directors and Key Employees

       Set forth below is the name, age, position and a brief account of the business experience of each of our executive officers, directors and key employees. All of our directors were elected pursuant to the terms of a stockholders’ agreement. The stockholders’ agreement will terminate upon the closing of the offering. See “Certain Relationships and Related Party Transactions — Stockholders’ Agreement”.

Name Age Position(s)

Bevil J. Hogg
    55     President and Chief Executive Officer, Director
Michael P. Kaminski
    44     Chief Operating Officer
James M. Stolze
    60     Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Douglas M. Bruce
    46     Senior Vice President, Research & Development
Melissa Walker
    47     Vice President, Regulatory, Quality and Clinical Affairs
Fred A. Middleton
    54     Chairman of the Board of Directors
Christopher Alafi, Ph.D.
    40     Director
John C. Aplin, Ph.D. 
    58     Director
Ralph G. Dacey, Jr., M.D. 
    55     Director
Gregory R. Johnson, Ph.D. 
    60     Director
William M. Kelley
    68     Director
Randall D. Ledford, Ph.D.
    54     Director
Abhijeet J. Lele
    38     Director
William C. Mills III
    48     Director
David J. Parker
    43     Director

       Bevil J. Hogg has served as our President, Chief Executive Officer and a director since June 1997. From 1994 through 1996, Mr. Hogg served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Everest & Jennings International Ltd., a manufacturer of wheelchairs and other hospital, home care and nursing home products. Prior to Everest & Jennings, he was a founder or co-founder of three companies, including Trek Bicycle Corporation. Mr. Hogg received a Diplome Superior d’Etudes Francaises from the Sorbonne (University of Paris, France).

       Michael P. Kaminski has served as our Chief Operating Officer since he joined Stereotaxis in April 2002. Prior to joining Stereotaxis, Mr. Kaminski spent nearly 20 years with Hill-Rom Company (Hillenbrand Industries). In his last position with Hill-Rom, Mr. Kaminski served as Senior Vice President of North American Sales and Service. Prior to that, he served as General Manager of the Acute Care Hospital Division of Hill-Rom, with P&L responsibility for subsidiaries with multiple manufacturing plants and over 150 service centers with revenue exceeding $750 million. Mr. Kaminski also led several new product development efforts, most notably as the director of the Advance product platform for Hill-Rom. Mr. Kaminski earned an M.B.A. from Xavier University and a B.S. in Marketing from Indiana University.

       James M. Stolze has served as our Vice President and Chief Financial Officer since he joined Stereotaxis in May 2004. Prior to joining Stereotaxis, Mr. Stolze spent eight years as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of MEMC Electronic Materials, Inc., from 1995 to 2003. While with MEMC, Mr. Stolze completed MEMC’s initial public offering in 1995 and an additional $250 million offering in 2003. Prior to MEMC, Mr. Stolze was an audit partner with KPMG LLP where he had responsibility for numerous publicly traded companies and served as a member of KPMG’s SEC Reviewing Partners Committee. Mr. Stolze currently sits on the board of directors and audit committee of ESCO Technologies, Inc., a public company listed on the New York Stock Exchange.


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