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STEREOTAXIS, INC. filed this Form S-1/A on 06/17/2004
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       The audit committee has direct responsibility for the appointment, compensation, retention and oversight of our independent auditors. In addition, the audit committee must approve in advance:

  •  any related-party transaction that creates a conflict of interest situation;
  •  all audit services; and
  •  all non-audit services, except for de minimis non-audit services, provided the audit committee has approved such de minimis services prior to the completion of the audit.

       The compensation committee was established in 1998 and currently consists of Messrs. Middleton, Johnson and Parker. Mr. Middleton serves as the chair of the compensation committee. We believe that the composition of our compensation committee meets the requirements for independence under, and the functioning of our compensation committee complies with, current rules and regulations of the SEC and the Nasdaq National Market. We intend to comply with future requirements to the extent they become applicable to us.

       The compensation committee assists management and our board of directors in:

  •  defining an executive compensation policy;
  •  determining the total compensation package for our chief executive officer and other executive officers; and
  •  administering each of our equity-based compensation plans and profit sharing plans, including our 1994 Stock Option Plan, our 2002 Stock Incentive Plan, our 2002 Non-Employee Directors’ Stock Plan and our 2004 Employee Stock Purchase Plan.

       The nominating and corporate governance committee was established in 2000 and currently consists of Messrs. Parker, Ledford and Mills. Mr. Parker serves as the chair of the nominating and corporate governance committee. The nominating and corporate governance committee assists the board of directors in:

  •  identifying and evaluating individuals qualified to become board members;
  •  reviewing director nominees received from stockholders;
  •  selecting director nominees for submission to the stockholders at our annual meeting; and
  •  selecting director candidates to fill any vacancies on the board of directors.

       The nominating and corporate governance committee is also responsible for developing and recommending to the board of directors a set of corporate governance guidelines and principles applicable to us.

Compensation Committee Interlocks and Insider Participation

       Messrs. Middleton, Johnson and Parker served as members of our compensation committee during our last fiscal year. Mr. Middleton served as our president from December 1996 through June 1997. Otherwise none of our compensation committee members and none of our executive officers have a relationship that would constitute an interlocking relationship with executive officers or directors of another entity or insider participation in compensation decisions.

Director Compensation

       In March 2002, we adopted the 2002 Non-Employee Directors’ Stock Option Plan to provide for the automatic grant of options to purchase shares of common stock to our non-employee directors. Under this Plan, at each annual stockholder meeting, all non-employee directors receive an annual option to purchase 22,500 shares of common stock, or 45,000 in the case of the chairman. See “— Employee Benefits Plans”.


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