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STEREOTAXIS, INC. filed this Form S-1/A on 06/17/2004
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  •  any of our collaboration partners does not co-market and co-promote our integrated products diligently or does not provide maintenance and support services as we expect; or
  •  we become involved in disputes with one or more of our collaboration partners regarding our collaborations.

Siemens, Philips and J&J, as well as some of our other collaborators, are large, global organizations with diverse product lines and interests that may diverge from our interests in commercializing our products. Accordingly, our collaborators may not devote adequate resources to our products, or may experience financial difficulties, change their business strategy or undergo a business combination that may affect their willingness or ability to fulfill their obligations to us. In particular, we have had only limited experience with respect to the integration of our system with Philips’ imaging products.

       The failure of one or more of our collaborations could have a material adverse effect on our financial condition, results of operations and cash flow. In addition, if we are unable to enter into additional partnerships in the future, or if these partnerships fail, our ability to develop and commercialize products could be impacted negatively and our revenues could be adversely affected.

You may have difficulty evaluating our business and operating results because we are still in the early stages of commercializing our products.

       We have been engaged in research and product development since our inception in 1990. Our initial focus was on the development of neurosurgical applications for our technology, and during the first several years following our inception, we devoted our resources primarily to developing prototypes and performing research and development activities in this area. Starting around 1998, we shifted our primary focus over the next two years to developing applications for our technology to treat cardiovascular disease and, in 2003, began limited commercial shipments of products we developed for treatment in this area. To date, our investments in our products have produced relatively little revenue and our operating expenses are high relative to that revenue. As a result, our financial statements included in this prospectus do not provide a complete view of the current or intended scope of our activities. Our lack of a significant operating history also impairs an investor’s ability to make a comparative evaluation of us, our products and our prospects.

We have limited experience selling, marketing and distributing products, which could impair our ability to increase revenues.

       We currently market our products in the U.S. and Europe through a direct sales force of 17 sales specialists, supported by five account managers that provide training, clinical support, and other services to our customers. If we are unable to increase our sales force significantly in the foreseeable future, we may be unable to generate the revenues we have projected in our business plan. Factors that may inhibit our sales and marketing efforts include:

  •  our inability to recruit and retain adequate numbers of qualified sales and marketing personnel;
  •  the inability of sales personnel to obtain access to or persuade adequate numbers of hospitals and physicians to purchase and use our products;
  •  unforeseen costs associated with maintaining and expanding an independent sales and marketing organization; and
  •  increased government scrutiny with respect to marketing activities in the health care industry.

       In addition, if we fail to effectively use distributors or contract sales persons for distribution of our products where appropriate, our revenues and profitability would be adversely affected.


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