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STEREOTAXIS, INC. filed this Form S-1/A on 06/17/2004
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of our partners. In addition, Siemens and Philips have agreed to provide worldwide service for our integrated systems. In addition, Siemens and Johnson & Johnson have invested in our convertible preferred stock.

       We typically recognize revenue for systems upon installation, which has historically taken six to eight months from the date that the customer issues a purchase order, principally due to the time required to renovate, or in some cases construct, the hospital cath lab space. As of March 31, 2004, we had sold and delivered a total of 13 systems, and we had purchase orders and other commitments for an additional $16.6 million of our systems. There can be no assurance that we will recognize revenue in any particular period or at all because some of our purchase orders and other commitments are subject to contingencies that are outside our control. In addition, these orders and commitments may be revised, modified or canceled, either by their express terms, as a result of negotiations or by project changes or delays.

       We anticipate that substantially all of our near-term revenues will come from sales of our NIOBE system, together with our NAVIGANT advanced user interface, to hospitals and medical centers in the U.S. and Europe, and to a lesser extent, in Japan and other parts of the world. We anticipate that our revenue will fluctuate for the foreseeable future due to a number of factors, including the length of our sales, delivery and installation cycles. Due to the relatively high price of an individual system, small variations in the timing of system delivery and installation may cause revenue to vary significantly from quarter to quarter. We also anticipate that we will generate additional revenues from the sale of our disposable interventional devices, software licenses, software options and maintenance and service contracts. We expect that revenue from these products and services will increase as a percentage of our total revenue as our installed base of systems increases.

       Our ability to generate future revenues depends, among other things, upon our ability to penetrate our target markets. We intend to seek regulatory clearances or approvals for additional disposable interventional devices. If we are unable to receive regulatory clearance for additional devices in a timely fashion or at all, our sales will be lower than we expect.

Cost of Revenues

       Cost of revenues consists primarily of expenses related to the manufacture of systems, accessories and disposable interventional devices, including the cost of material, labor and supervision, warranty expense, installation costs, royalties payable for licensed technology and allocated overhead. We anticipate continuing to use subcontractors to manufacture the major components of our systems and accessories and plan to use subcontractors in the near future to manufacture, sterilize and package most of our disposable interventional devices utilized in interventional cardiology and in cardiac resynchronization therapy for treatment of congestive heart failure, which are not covered by our alliance with J&J. J&J will manufacture electrophysiology mapping and ablation catheters for use with our system pursuant to our alliance with them. We expect that as disposable interventional devices become a larger percentage of total revenues, our overall gross margins will increase. We also anticipate continuing to utilize both in-house resources and third parties to install our systems.

Research and Development

       Research and development expenses include costs associated with the design, development, testing and enhancement of our products. These costs consist primarily of salaries and related personnel expenses, manufacturing costs for prototype and investigational products, fees paid to outside consultants and service providers, expenditures for the purchase of laboratory supplies and equipment, expenses associated with clinical trials and overhead allocated to product development,


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