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STEREOTAXIS, INC. filed this Form S-1/A on 06/17/2004
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            (c) Negative Pledge Agreement covering Intellectual Property;

            (d) Perfection Certificate(s) by Borrower;

            (e) landlord's waiver;

            (f) a legal opinion of Borrower's counsel, in form and substance
acceptable to Bank;

            (g) financing statements (Forms UCC-1);

            (h) Account Control Agreement/ Investment Account Control Agreement

            (i) insurance certificate;

            (j) payment of the fees and Bank Expenses then due specified in
Section 2.4 hereof;

            (k) Certificate of Foreign Qualification (if applicable);

            (l) Certificate of Good Standing/Legal Existence; and

            (m) such other documents, and completion of such other matters, as
Bank may reasonably deem necessary or appropriate.

make each Credit Extension, including the initial Credit Extension, is subject
to the following:

            (a) timely receipt of any Payment/Advance Form; and

            (b) the representations and warranties in Section 5 shall be
materially true on the date of the Payment/Advance Form and on the effective
date of each Credit Extension and no Event of Default shall have occurred and be
continuing, or result from the Credit Extension. Each Credit Extension is
Borrower's representation and warranty on that date that the representations and
warranties in Section 5 remain true.


      4.1 GRANT OF SECURITY INTEREST. Borrower hereby grants Bank, to secure the
payment and performance in full of all of the Obligations and the performance of
each of Borrower's duties under the Loan Documents, a continuing security
interest in, and pledges and assigns to the Bank, the Collateral, wherever
located, whether now owned or hereafter acquired or arising, and all proceeds
and products thereof. Borrower warrants and represents that the security
interest granted herein shall be a first priority security interest in the
Collateral. Bank may place a "hold" on any deposit account pledged as

      Except as noted on the Perfection Certificate, Borrower is not a party to,
nor is bound by, any material license or other agreement with respect to which
the Borrower is the licensee that prohibits or otherwise restricts Borrower from
granting a security interest in Borrower's interest in such license or agreement
or any other property. Without prior consent from Bank, Borrower shall not enter
into, or become bound by, any such license or agreement which is reasonably
likely to have a material impact on Borrower's business or financial condition.
Borrower shall take such steps as Bank requests to obtain the consent of, or
waiver by, any person whose consent or waiver is necessary for all such licenses
or contract rights to be deemed "Collateral" and for Bank to have a security
interest in


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