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STEREOTAXIS, INC. filed this Form S-1/A on 06/17/2004
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the violation could reasonably be expected to have a material adverse effect on
Borrower's business or operations or would reasonably be expected to cause a
Material Adverse Change, or permit any of its Subsidiaries to do so.


      Any one of the following is an Event of Default:

      8.1 PAYMENT DEFAULT. Borrower fails to pay any of the Obligations within
three (3) days after their due date. During such three (3) day period the
failure to cure the default shall not constitute an Event of Default (but no
Credit Extension shall be made during such period);

      8.2 COVENANT DEFAULT. Borrower fails or neglects to perform any obligation
in Section 6 or violates any covenant in Section 7 or fails or neglects to
perform, keep, or observe any other material term, provision, condition,
covenant or agreement contained in this Agreement, any Loan Documents, or in any
present or future agreement between Borrower and Bank and as to any default
under such other material term, provision, condition, covenant or agreement that
can be cured, has failed to cure the default within ten (10) days after the
occurrence thereof; provided, however, that if the default cannot by its nature
be cured within the ten (10) day period or cannot after diligent attempts by
Borrower be cured within such ten (10) day period, and such default is likely to
be cured within a reasonable time, then Borrower shall have an additional period
(which shall not in any case exceed thirty (30) days) to attempt to cure such
default, and within such reasonable time period the failure to cure the default
shall not be deemed an Event of Default (but no Credit Extensions shall be made
during such cure period). Grace periods provided under this section shall not
apply, among other things, to financial covenants or any other covenants that
are required to be satisfied, completed or tested by a date certain.

      8.3 MATERIAL ADVERSE CHANGE. A Material Adverse Change occurs;

      8.4 ATTACHMENT. (i) Any material portion of Borrower's assets is attached,
seized, levied on, or comes into possession of a trustee or receiver and the
attachment, seizure or levy is not removed in ten (10) days; (ii) the service of
process upon the Borrower seeking to attach, by trustee or similar process, any
funds of the Borrower on deposit with the Bank, or any entity under control of
Bank (including a subsidiary); (iii) Borrower is enjoined, restrained, or
prevented by court order from conducting a material part of its business; (iv) a
judgment or other claim becomes a Lien on a material portion of Borrower's
assets; or (v) a notice of lien, levy, or assessment is filed against any of
Borrower's assets by any government agency and not paid within ten (10) days
after Borrower receives notice. These are not Events of Default if stayed or if
a bond is posted pending contest by Borrower (but no Credit Extensions shall be
made during the cure period);

      8.5 INSOLVENCY. (i) Borrower becomes insolvent; (ii) Borrower begins an
Insolvency Proceeding; or (iii) an Insolvency Proceeding is begun against
Borrower and not dismissed or stayed within thirty (30) days (but no Credit
Extensions shall be made before any Insolvency Proceeding is dismissed);

      8.6 OTHER AGREEMENTS. If there is a default in any agreement to which
Borrower is a party with a third party or parties resulting in a right by such
third party or parties, whether or not exercised, to accelerate the maturity of
any Indebtedness in an amount in excess of Two Hundred Thousand Dollars
($200,000) or that could result in a Material Adverse Change;

      8.7 JUDGMENTS. If a judgment or judgments for the payment of money in an
amount, individually or in the aggregate, of at least Two Hundred Thousand
Dollars ($200,000) shall be rendered against Borrower and shall remain
unsatisfied and unstayed for a period of twenty (20) days (provided that no
Credit Extensions will be made prior to the satisfaction or stay of such


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