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STEREOTAXIS, INC. filed this Form S-1/A on 06/17/2004
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      "ACCOUNTS" are all existing and later arising accounts, contract rights,
and other obligations owed Borrower in connection with its sale or lease of
goods (including licensing software and other technology) or provision of
services, all credit insurance, guaranties, other security and all merchandise
returned or reclaimed by Borrower and Borrower's Books relating to any of the
foregoing, as such definition may be amended from time to time according to the

      "ADVANCE" or "ADVANCES" is a loan advance (or advances) under the
Revolving Line.

      "AFFILIATE" is a Person that owns or controls directly or indirectly the
Person, any Person that controls or is controlled by or is under common control
with the Person, and each of that Person's senior executive officers, directors,
partners and, for any Person that is a limited liability company, that Person's
managers and members.

      "BANK EXPENSES" are all audit fees and expenses and reasonable costs or
expenses (including reasonable attorneys' fees and expenses) for preparing,
negotiating, administering, defending and enforcing the Loan Documents
(including appeals or Insolvency Proceedings).

      "BORROWER'S BOOKS" are all Borrower's books and records including ledgers,
records regarding Borrower's assets or liabilities, the Collateral, business
operations or financial condition and all computer programs or discs or any
equipment containing the information.

      "BORROWING BASE" is (i) eighty percent (80.0%) of Eligible Accounts plus
(ii) the lesser of forty percent (40.0%) of the value of Borrower's Eligible
Inventory (valued at the lower of cost or wholesale fair market value) or Four
Million Five Hundred Thousand Dollars ($4,500,000.00) as determined by Bank from
Borrower's most recent Borrowing Base Certificate; provided, however, that Bank
may lower the percentage of the Borrowing Base after performing an audit of
Borrower's Collateral.

      "BUSINESS DAY" is any day that is not a Saturday, Sunday or a day on which
the Bank is closed.

      "CASH MANAGEMENT SERVICES" are defined in Section 2.1.4.

      "CLOSING DATE" is the date of this Agreement.

      "CODE" is the Uniform Commercial Code as adopted in Illinois, as amended
and as may be amended and in effect from time to time.

      "COLLATERAL" is any and all properties, rights and assets of the Borrower
granted by the Borrower to Bank or arising under the Code, now, or in the
future, in which the Borrower obtains an interest, or the power to transfer
rights, including, without limitation, the property described on EXHIBIT A.

      "CONTINGENT OBLIGATION" is, for any Person, any direct or indirect
liability, contingent or not, of that Person for (i) any indebtedness, lease,
dividend, letter of credit or other obligation of another such as an obligation
directly or indirectly guaranteed, endorsed, co-made, discounted or sold with
recourse by that Person, or for which that Person is directly or indirectly
liable; (ii) any obligations for undrawn letters of credit for the account of
that Person; and (iii) all obligations from any interest rate, currency or
commodity swap agreement, interest rate cap or collar agreement, or other
agreement or arrangement designated to protect a Person against fluctuation in
interest rates, currency exchange rates or commodity prices; but "Contingent
Obligation" does not include endorsements in the ordinary course of business.
The amount of a Contingent Obligation is the stated or determined amount of the
primary obligation for which the Contingent Obligation is made or, if not
determinable, the maximum reasonably anticipated liability for it determined by
the Person in good faith; but the amount may not exceed the maximum of the
obligations under the guarantee or other support arrangement.


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